Freely and Easily Transfer Data for iOS Devices

FoneTool allows you to selectively transfer various and unlimited data among iOS devices without cellular data.

Flexibly transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

FoneTool makes it easy for you to transfer your data with flexibility. You can choose what you want to transfer according to your demand.

  • High-speed albums and photos transfer within seconds
  • Automate sharing music you select
  • Stable videos sending during the transferring process
  • One-tap contacts delivering to the connected devices
  • Multiple files and folders migration with simple taps
  • Import and transfer any local files

Transfer between iOS devices without celullar data

FoneTool allows you to transfer data simultaneously without celullar data worry.

  • Export photos, videos, contacts, etc. to computer for editing or printing.
  • iPhone storage full? Easily transfer some data to computer to free up storage space.
  • Import files like photos, music to iPhone so you can take them wherever you go.

What Make FoneTool The Best?

  • Free

    Unlike some paid software, FoneTool provides you with unlimited data transfer opportunities. You don’t have to pay if you want to transfer much data.

  • Security

    Before sharing, all data transfer requires your permission. You don’t have to worry about data leak and exposure. AOMEI offers you top-level security guarantee.

  • Fast Speed

    You don’t need WIFI network or cellular data during the zero-data traffic consumption process. FoneTool ensures transferring files larger than 40MB within a second.

  • Efficiency

    Categorized data management and all data access permission makes you can choose what you want to transfer conveniently.

How it works?

Want to transfer or receive data conveniently and quickly? Here are three steps to help you start.

  • Step 1. Launch FoneTool and connect devices

    Download, install and run FoneTool on both devices, and connect source device with target device.
  • Step 2. Select what you want to transfer

    Choose albums, photos, music, videos, contacts, or files with simple taps.
  • Step 3. One-tap start

    After selecting the transfer targets, tap “Send” to start to transfer.

Awards & Testimonials

Reliable, professional yet free software to transfer between iOS devices. It is secure for iOS devices transfer after getting access permission. With AOMEI FoneTool, the best iPhone transfer software, you can transfer data from iPhone to a remote space available as well.

FoneTool is a good way to transfer and share data. The percentage of usage of iOS devices are growing steadily with the number of active users every day, so does to the demand of iPhone transfer. With the growing demand for being socially active across social media channels, it holds a massive amount of data more than ever.

If you have no idea about how to transfer your iPhone or iPad, we get you through a product review for FoneTool, and enable iPhone transfer at the same time. FoneTool acts as a free software tool to support the data transfer functions for your iOS devices.

By Cameron Packham

I love it! I find it very comforting that I no longer have to worry about leaking anything anymore. I don't even think about it at all because I know is quietly and efficiently transferring. 5 stars!

By Sheyla K.

I have tried many tools before. FoneTool is quite simple and efficiency. The software is highly compatible. Great tool.

By Stiles Qualters

FoneTool is amazing for transferring data. The free and effective software is trustworthy. It makes me feel safe while transferring data to my friends.


One Click to Transfer Your iPhone Data Now

  • Secure
  • Free
  • Unlimited Transfer